While building a new island cabin on Lake of the Woods, Kenora, this customer decided to integrate the installation of his solar system right in with the remainder of the building. With the roofers still assembling the other areas, the Raysolar team took to this 50° metal roof to get power up and going at his new property.

Combined with a Schneider inverter system and the eight 850Ah batteries, this off grid solar system is fully capable of sustaining the comforts and common electrical usages found in a standard grid-connected house – with the exception of electrical heating!

The longevity and reliability of metal roofing make it an increasingly popular option for home and cottage owners looking at upcoming roof replacement, and with modified clamps for standing seem metal roofs, installation of solar panels proves even easier than the standard flashing method of common asphalt shingles.

Aside from slightly less traction while traversing the array, the securing and installation process using S5! Clamps allow for a quick and straight forward approach when securing the rails to the metal roof. With ample strength to support the array along with multiple technicians’ weight during the installation process, this simple solution is the way to go for any future metal roofs.