Rooftop obstacles and seasonal shadowing on this customer’s property required a less-conventional approach to maximise their solar at this remote cottage. The intricate layout to avoid the chimney stack and skylights made for the best approach to be using Micro-Inverter technology, allowing for every panel to be a stand alone power producer, compared to every string of panels on a conventionally wired array.

This 7.5kW micro-inverter array, connected to the grid in 2015 with a 20 year MicroFIT contract, is optimally set up for peak spring, summer, and fall production, with tilt legs also installed to allow for moderate winter generation with the lower sun angles.

The micro-inverters ensure every panel is operating at it’s greatest capabilities. Hindrances from shading or accumulating snowfall on parts of the array allow for electricity to still be generated, as well as a straight forward installation process without requiring excessive wiring, jumper cables, or a centralized indoor inverter.