Battery Accessory

Battery Accessory – Ensuring Effective Operation of the Batteries


Raysolar has a wide array of battery accessories that include on-off battery switch, battery capacity meter, battery capacity meter with LED shut off, Schneider Conext Battery Monitor.
The on-off battery switch shifts a single battery to the single load group. Solar battery capacity meter with LED shutoff has an on-off switch for the LED lights where the lights do not draw any power from the battery. The MidNite solar battery capacity meter has ease of installation and is easy to use. Simply connect the negative (-) & positive (+) wires from the meter to battery terminals for the operation. Schneider Conext Battery Monitor helps to determine the state of the battery & hours of battery-based runtime. Raysolar provides a variety of high-quality solar panels and is known for delivering uncompromising value to its customers by assisting them with their project by offering our advice and experience. The renewable energy products that we supply are manufactured under strict engineering guidelines that meet quality & safety standards.

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