GenerLink (Meter-Based Transfer Switch) – Surge & Non-Surge GenerLink – Connecting Generators to Homes

The GenerLink – Generator Transfer Switch, offered by Raysolar, is a meter based device that helps in connecting your home wiring system to the generator to provide power. GenerLink from Raysolar gives you the advantage of eliminating the hassles from running multiple extension cords & installing an expensive transfer switch. The GenerLink transfer switch provides a safe and easy connection point for your generator at your meter. GenerLink features a 200 Amp Continuous, UL Listed meter mounted transfer switch that prevents back feeding of the utility line. No rewiring or subpanel installation required and takes 30 minutes to install. The Generlink works with most portable generators and requires a 240V four pronged outlet on the generator. GenerLinks transfer switches are manufactured under strict engineering guidelines that meet quality & safety standards. Contact Raysolar to find the right GenerLink for your needs.

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