Solar lighting system

Solar lighting

Solar lighting is one of the simplest ways to introduce renewable energy. We design custom lighting solutions for remote camps, parking lots, oil & gas, telecom and isolated research stations. Besides custom lighting projects, we also have a wide variety of other lighting options. From our natural lighting solutions from Solatube, our super thin LEDs from Lotus LED and our high performance indoor and outdoor lighting from RC Lighting, Raysolar has an efficient lighting solution for any application.



From sun up to sun down, Solatube’s daylighting technology can brighten up the darkest rooms in your home. With its patented design preventing overwhelming sunlight in the summer and capturing low-angle light in the winter, Solatube’s daylighting systems will make a perfect solution to your home. Installations can be done in the same day and require no structural modifications. Not convinced, take a look at this before and after picture.

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Lotus LED

Lotus Light with Jbox

With its thin and efficient design, the Lotus LED recessed lights make the perfect light for any situation. Even if you are working in tight spaces, these LED lights allow you use up to 40 feet of extension cord to connect your light. Lotus LED even has lights that can be installed in wet environments, like a shower. Whatever your lighting situation may be, Raysolar can help find the right light for you.

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RC Lighting

RC Lighting Logo

Are you still using conventional lighting options and paying the price of high energy costs? Are you tired of spending money on new bulbs every couple of years? Raysolar is proud to carry lighting solutions from RC Lighting. We have solutions for your home, office, warehouse or the great outdoors. Save up to 85% on energy cost with RC Lighting. Check out the various lighting solutions from our shop or at

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